A Firewall monitors your systems interations and network traffic between your machine and the internet. A firewall has essentially these goals;

  • Secure network traffic
  • Protect against intrusions
  • Aallow or deny specific programs access to the internet
  • Stop attacks from computers on the internet compromising your machine
  • Protect against initial virus infections from external computers

Basic firewall protection is essential for securing your PC. Firewalls come in two varieties; hardware and software.

Using hardware firewalls, such as a router and a Software firewall togetherm will provide you with the maximum protection against intrusion. We will be reviewing the default windows firewall, other basic 3rd party firewalls, which have improved features over the in-built one and pro-active firewalls that include HIPS program monitoring which look out for suspicious program activity that might indicate a malicious malware application is present.

Hardware Firewall
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Home wireless Firewall routers
Home wireless Firewall routers